Licensing Policy


The Qualitative Research Journal for Social Studies (QRJSS) is committed to promoting high-quality scholarship in the field of qualitative social science research. This licensing policy outlines the terms and conditions under which authors retain and grant rights to their published work in the journal.

2. Copyright and Ownership

  • Authors retain copyright of their individual work published in QRJSS.
  • Authors grant QRJSS a non-exclusive, worldwide license to publish, reproduce, distribute, and promote their work in all editions and formats (print, electronic, online, etc.).
  • The license granted to QRJSS includes the right to translate the work and create derivative works, such as abstracts and excerpts.

3. Access and Sharing

  • QRJSS provides open access to all published articles through its website.
  • Authors are encouraged to self-archive their work in accordance with their institutional or funder policies, typically after a reasonable embargo period.
  • Authors may share their work on personal websites or social media platforms, but must cite the original publication in QRJSS.

4. Commercial Use

  • Authors retain the right to exploit their work commercially, unless otherwise agreed in writing with QRJSS.
  • Commercial use includes, but is not limited to, republishing in edited collections, translating for commercial purposes, or creating derivative works for commercial sale.

5. Fair Use

  • All uses of QRJSS content must comply with fair use principles under applicable copyright law.
  • Fair use generally allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.

6. Author Rights

  • Authors have the right to request corrections to their published work.
  • Authors may retract their work, subject to QRJSS editorial review and approval.
  • Authors may withdraw their work from open access and make it available only behind a paywall, subject to QRJSS editorial review and approval.

7. Archiving and Preservation

  • QRJSS is committed to the long-term preservation of published content.
  • QRJSS will make all reasonable efforts to maintain a permanent archive of all published articles.

8. Amendment

  • QRJSS reserves the right to amend this licensing policy at any time.
  • Any amendments will be posted on the QRJSS website and will apply to all articles published after the effective date of the amendment.