1. Introduction

The "Qualitative Research Journal for Social Studies" (QRJSS) recognizes the importance of preserving and sharing qualitative research data for the purposes of transparency, replication, and building upon existing knowledge. This policy outlines the requirements and procedures for authors who wish to archive their data associated with articles published in the journal.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all qualitative research articles published in QRJSS, including:

  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Focus groups
  • Documents
  • Audio and video recordings
  • Field notes
  • Analytical memos

3. Archiving Requirements

Authors are strongly encouraged to deposit their research data in a trusted, long-term repository, like the ICPSR, UDA, or Calumet Consortium. The repository should:

  • Follow best practices for qualitative data archiving.
  • Offer secure and long-term storage.
  • Provide data access and usage policies.
  • Ensure data discoverability and citation.

4. Data Preparation for Archiving

4.1. Anonymization and De-identification:

  • Authors must ensure participant anonymity and confidentiality by removing any identifiable information from the data. This may include names, locations, organizations, and other sensitive details.
  • Anonymization methods should be documented and justified.

4.2. Documentation:

  • Authors must provide comprehensive documentation describing the research process, data collection, and analysis. This documentation should be sufficient for others to understand and interpret the data.
  • Documentation may include codebooks, interview guides, field notes, and analytical memos.

4.3. Data Format:

  • Data should be archived in a format that is widely recognized and accessible for secondary analysis. This may include text files, audio/video files, or image files.
  • Proprietary or specialized formats should be accompanied by instructions or software necessary for accessing and analyzing the data.

5. Data Sharing Agreements

  • Authors should clarify data access and usage permissions through a data sharing agreement. This agreement should specify:
    • Any restrictions on data access or use.
    • Requirements for citing the data and the original publication.
    • Authorship policies for secondary research using the data.

6. Archiving Statement

  • Authors must provide a statement in their manuscript indicating whether or not their data has been archived and, if so, where it is deposited and under what conditions it is accessible.